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ACEP is a representative democracy! While the College is run by the President and the Board of Directors, those leaders are chosen by the ACEP Council, made up of representatives from each State Chapter and Section. These Councillors are there to represent your voice in Council, not only to choose leaders, but to direct the Board and President in the way the members would want. The power rests with the members. That’s you!

If you think having having an unconflicted ACEP BOD is important, and want Henry’s voice on the Board fighting for front-line EM docs and our patients, use this form to email your representative (your Chapter). I’m not going to lie—that email is going to be more impactful if you’re an ACEP member. But if you aren’t, it’s still worth sending an email to your Chapter—I think it’s a good idea to let them know how many potential members are passing them by because of this issue.

This is the text of the email that this form will send to your Chapter:

Dear (State) ACEP Board:

My name is (), and my main practice site is (); I am (/am not) a current ACEP member and member of the Chapter. I am writing in support of Dr. Henry Pitzele for the ACEP Board of Directors. I very much believe that Dr. Pitzele is the right step forward to unify our College, and further, would like to urge our Councillors to only vote for Board candidates who have no goals other than the protection and advancement of front-line EM doctors and our patients. [for nonmembers: I feel that such a change in ACEP leadership would give me (and others like me) a much stronger reason to join and contribute to the organization.]

Please feel free to contact me at ().