leap from the lion’s head

              There are some things that ACEP does very, very well;  as an example, I always hold up the DC office;  its work, in conjunction with the Federal Government Affairs and Reimbursement Committees are basically the Watchers on the Wall, vigilant and capable of defense from predictably periodic attacks on our livelihood from both government and payors.  What we don’t always do well is demonstrating our value to front-line EM docs.  And this is a solvable problem.

              Some of the ways that ACEP delivers tremendous value aren’t the things that grab headlines—reimbursement is one of those topics.   We can still find ways of getting the word out;  it is mainly a question of intent and resources.  If our organization has the intent, and decides to dedicate the resources, we will find the right ways (and the right individuals) to make the case for ACEP value into stories, and to tell those stories personally.  It’s the same way you sell anything, whether it’s widgets to the public, or our legislative efforts to Congresspeople.  And when we decide that this is a priority, our stories and our people will show that ACEP does for the frontline, working EM physician every day of the year.